How to maintain the wardrobe maintenance spray booth?

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The surface of the wardrobe is sprayed with a layer of paint, which can prevent scratching and preventing insects to a certain extent. Therefore, many families prefer the painted wardrobe when purchasing wardrobes. Then, in daily life, how to maintain the painted wardrobe to maintain its beautiful color? To find out the problem, let's take a look at the following with Xiaobian.

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First, the maintenance of spray booth wardrobe is directly related to the service life of the furniture. The wardrobe paint film is like human skin. The surface is covered with capillary tubes. If it is not regularly maintained, the paint film will quickly age, lose light and crack.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use hard foreign objects to scribe the surface of the paint film. It is strictly forbidden to contact the surface of the paint film with high temperature articles such as cigarette butts and boiling water.

Third, corrosive chemicals, such as "acid, alkali", etc., is strictly prohibited to contact the surface.

Fourth, spray paint wardrobe is strictly prohibited from exposure, exposure, touch the ground to avoid flooding, otherwise, the paint film will accelerate aging, structural deformation.

The paint of the painted wardrobe has a protective effect on the wardrobe, and needs careful protection during daily use, so I will introduce several ways to maintain the painted wardrobe:

Tea maintenance method: If the surface of the wardrobe is stained with dust, you can use a cotton gauze cloth to dip the slightly wet tea leaves on the surface of the wardrobe, or wash it with cold tea, and clean the tea with water. The wardrobe is as bright and bright as a dry paint.

Egg white maintenance method : As time goes by, there will be particularly stubborn dirt on the sofa, especially the light-colored leather sofa stains are particularly obvious, which makes people upset. In such a situation, you can take an appropriate amount of egg white, use cotton cloth to rub the egg white repeatedly in the stained area, use egg white not only to remove these stains, but also play a role in polishing.

Toothpaste cleaning method: The white paint on the surface of the wardrobe will be yellow for a long time, not only looks old, but also feels very unclear. You can use a rag to apply toothpaste or tooth powder gently on it. With the bleaching effect of toothpaste, the color of the paint in the wardrobe can be changed from yellow to white. However, do not rub hard when wiping, because the friction agent in the toothpaste powder will rub the paint off, which will damage the surface of the furniture.

Lemon cleaning method: If the woodware that has been polished or varnished is accidentally burnt by hot heat, you can use a lemon slice or a rag with a lemon juice, and then use a soft soaked hot water. Wipe the cloth and finally dry it with a dry soft cloth to restore the original light.

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