Five criteria for determining whether a wardrobe sheet is environmentally friendly

Five criteria for determining whether a wardrobe sheet is environmentally friendly

1 , look at the wardrobe brand

Choose the famous brand of the whole wardrobe, such as China's top ten wardrobe brands. The products of these manufacturers are all inspected by the National Building Materials Testing Center, and relevant certificates are issued. Such products have less aldehyde release.

2 , look at the environmental level of the board used

When we set the wardrobe, we often hear " E0/E1 ". Press formaldehyde emission is concerned, E1 ≤ 1.5mg / L, E0 ≤ 0.5mg / L. As long as the E1 sheet is just beginning to pay attention to ventilation, it will have no effect on us. E0 grade boards are currently the healthiest on the market because of the low amount of formaldehyde released. E0 level panel, has passed the most stringent environmental level detection, the sheet was evaluated as one of the world's environmental health. Because its environmental indicators are the same as fresh wood, formaldehyde is even lower than apples, so it is called “safety plate like fruit”. (The point to be reminded here is that it is not that there is no formaldehyde release from E0 grade plates, but it is rare and can be ignored.)

3 , look at the veneer of the board for the wardrobe

When it comes to melamine, I believe many people think of Sanlu milk powder that has already been wiped out. However, in the sheet, it is common to apply a melamine surface to the surface because it is environmentally friendly, abrasion resistant and scratch resistant. Here, the melamine panel will not be harmful. Because the panel is a rear panel melamine impregnated paper melamine glue, obtained by high temperature and pressure curing, after curing the basic components of no harmful volatile.

4 , look at the material used for the wardrobe

At present, the plates used for the production of the whole wardrobe are mainly solid wood particle board ( chip board ) and medium-density board ( medium density board ) . Good quality solid wood particle board and MDF board, formaldehyde emission is relatively small, the board is strong, heavy, withstand, strong pressure resistance. Because the solid wood particle board is used in the production of less glue, it is relatively environmentally friendly than the MDF.

5 , look at the edge of the whole wardrobe cabinet

The edge of the custom closet is very important: on the one hand, if the closet of the wardrobe is firm, fine and beautiful, the wardrobe will be beautiful and the service life of the wardrobe will be extended. Second, for the sheet that will volatilize formaldehyde, the edge seal can prevent formaldehyde from escaping. The sealing of small enterprises and small workshops is generally rough, not strict, and even glue leaks out.

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