Factors affecting the release of formaldehyde in furniture 2016 Top 10 brands of ecological plates

The factors affecting the amount of formaldehyde released from furniture are complex.

Aside from the overall product, there are many factors affecting the release of formaldehyde from wood-based panels. The types of wood, rubber, rubber, hot pressing, post-treatment, etc. may all be formaldehyde. Release has an impact.


Decorating method: The decorative effect of the furniture surface on the sealing effect of formaldehyde is very obvious.

In the specific implementation process, attention should be paid to the use of low formaldehyde release adhesives, various decorative materials and coatings, and reasonable processes to ensure that no new formaldehyde is released after decoration.



Bearing rate: refers to the ratio of the surface area of ​​indoor furniture exposed to air to the volume of the room.

The higher the load factor, the higher the formaldehyde concentration. Therefore, in the case that the function is basically satisfied, the number of pieces of furniture in the indoor space should be minimized, thereby reducing the emission of formaldehyde in the furniture.



Diffusion paths: It is worth emphasizing the importance of furniture Edge.

When designing furniture, thin plates can be used as much as possible while meeting the strength and structure.



Chen Fang time and conditions: the formaldehyde emission concentration of furniture is proportional to the post-production time.

It should be placed for a period of time before use, and placed in a high temperature and high humidity environment during the discharge, to accelerate the emission of formaldehyde to reduce the pollution in the future use.


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