New Zealand Develops New Aviation PET Bottles

The New Zealand PET bottle manufacturer recently developed a new type of PET bottle for aviation. The 187-ml bottle was developed by the linkplas company of Oakland for the Montana Distillery and weighs only 33 grams, while the corresponding volume of the glass bottle weighs 154 grams. Now Air New Zealand will use it for flights departing from Australia and can reduce the quality by more than 2 tons per day. It is expected that it will be used on other routes after the second half of this year.

This PET bottle has a slightly different shape from the glass bottle, but it can be run on the standard filling line of the wine. The bottle is much heavier than an ordinary PET bottle of the same size, in order to maintain its appearance like a glass bottle and withstand the top pressure of 150 kg when packaged in an aluminum lid. In addition, the minimum wall thickness of the bottle must also be properly controlled. Linkplas declined to disclose the details of the PET bottle barrier technology, but said that the bottle is a single-layer bottle, using a unique processing technology and technology to achieve the best oxygen barrier properties of PET bottles. (Tang Weijia)

Source: China Chemical News

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