Waste plastic granulation technology process - crush articles

The shape of waste plastics is complex and varies in size, especially if some of the larger waste products must be crushed, ground or sheared to break into pieces or small pieces of material of a certain size before they can be recycled or processed. Further film molding made of various recycled products. For some production wastes with little pollution, such as scraps, scraps, and waste products from injection molding and extrusion processing plants, they can be recycled directly after they are crushed.

The so-called smashing refers to the process of reducing the size of the material. Various types of crushing machinery are generally used to perform different mechanical forces on the material, such as tensile force, extrusion force, impact force, and shear force. There are four basic forms, as shown in Figure 3-15.

1, crushed

The material is crushed into small pieces by the effect of relative compressive force. It is suitable for bulky waste plastic products and is not suitable for soft plastics. Its mode of action:

(1) Use two relatively moving metal plates to press each other.
(2) Rolling action with two relatively rotating rods.
(3) The inner cone is used for eccentric rotation in the outer cone.

2, crush

The material is crushed by the action of external impact, it is suitable for brittle materials. Its role is as follows:
(1) The impact of foreign hard objects, such as hammering with a hammer.
(2) High-speed impact between the material itself and the fixed hard steel plate.
(3) Impact of materials on each other.

3, grinding

The material is subjected to roller compaction between grinding bodies of different shapes and is crushed into fine particles, which are suitable for bulk materials.

The shearing material is crushed into small pieces or pieces under the action of cutting, puncturing, tearing, etc. of the blade, and it is suitable for flexible materials, films, sheets, and soft products.

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