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If you want to continue to participate in outdoor activities and love the sport very much, then choosing equipment is very important. A suitable set of equipment can indeed provide protection for our outdoor activities, allowing us to be closer to nature and feel natural. I think we should have some principles to follow when choosing equipment:

1. We choose the equipment that suits our environment, so we first care about the suitability of the equipment, not the price. Although it is good to spend less, it is usually not realistic, the cheapest and most expensive. It is not necessarily the most suitable. There is also no expectation that you can arm your gear to your teeth once. Meal to eat one bite.

2. Choosing equipment is a very rational thing, but the road ahead is always tortuous, and it is inevitable even if you are emotional (such as choosing the color or style you like very much, regardless of his practicality) during the purchase process. It's not too easy to worry about losing money. After all, we all need to experience setbacks as we grow.

The purchase of new donkey equipment is mostly about the details of the equipment, but often these details will give the new donkey to mistake, the real details of the discussion is more suitable for more professional old donkey, the new donkey's equipment selection as long as there The right attitude is all right. Here is a list of the simplest equipment required for a new donkey. The order of enumeration is based on the importance of equipment. Of course, it is only one of the words, please correct me.

1. Shoes and socks - shoes do not need me to say more, recently talked about the issue of shoes on the jar too much, I think no matter how exaggerated the role of shoes is not excessive. A pair of shoes that can protect your feet and wear comfortable shoes can make us go further and walk better. There is no TAXI in the outdoors. If there are any, it is your shoes. So spending more money on it is worth it. Of course, we also hope to have a good and affordable Dongdong; the choice of socks now seems very simple, is a composite functional socks containing COOLMAX materials, can row Han, keep warm, and because it is a functional product is more durable, strong can be more Protect your feet well.

A. If you have the money, you can choose to compare the high-end walking shoes, shoes more than 1K will basically contain GORE-TEX, VIBRAM and other high-tech materials and technology, the European brand has always been to do shoes very OK, try to choose the European brand, where it is? Of course, the import is better and I really want to recommend domestic brands. However, with so many experiences and lessons, I can't find a brand that I can recommend. For the new donkey, there is not too much requirement to choose the equipment. As long as the product quality is guaranteed, you will be able to buy enough of it. Many new donkeys usually love to make mistakes, but don’t want to buy it. To look good, practical, cheap and classic things. Remember! Remember! Another point of attention is to try not to buy domestic brands of shoes, especially the more than 300 pieces should be more cautious. There are too many lessons in this jar. It is very reluctant to say this sentence. I hope my compatriots will bear it! !

B. If you are not very economical, it doesn't matter if you go to outdoor shops or some sporting goods stores and pick a pair of strong shoes. Shoes that are cheaper will not be very difficult. As for waterproofing functions, you don’t have to think about that much. It's time to pay attention to yourself in the process of walking. It's better not to go to those harsh environments. In fact, the new donkey should not try to participate in some high-risk, long-distance travel. There are many ways to go. You know what kind of shoes you should wear, whether it's walking shoes or hiking shoes, or military glue.


2. Mountaineering bag - traveling without a good bag is unthinkable. Everything we need needs to depend on him. There are many articles on the selection of mountaineering packages on the Internet. We will not introduce too many details about the package here. We just want to remind you how to choose a suitable bag. The more in-depth point is the use of bags. what exactly is it? In fact, many people are not quite sure what the backpack is for.

For true hiking or mountaineering, the choice of mountaineering package is based on certain principles. Not all packages are acceptable. If it is only ordinary travel, what kind of bag is not a problem at all. A travel bag may be more Suitable. Once I tried to find the tranquility and freedom of nature from the equipment of strangers who passed by, but I found that when I tried hard to find, familiar familiar equipment made me feel stranger and more fear than ever before.

A. The size of the bag has always been a controversy issue on the jars. In fact, for hiking on foot, 55L bags may be sufficient. Too large bags do not seem to be used outdoors, but more for cosmetic products or The so-called corrupt substance is again something that is not needed. It's not that our bags are too big, but we have too many desires, and big bags are not filled with our desires. Later I will explain why the 55L bag is enough.

B. The style of the bag is also a very hot issue. In fact, the difference is really small. You like it. Walking through if there are too many fasteners on the bag, it's not very good, and the slim, simple design is best.

C. The color of the bag: The principle of choice is snow-capped mountains with bright colors, other places with less vibrant colors, such as gray, green and so on. Now that some friends dress and equipment are too exaggerated, they are incongruous with the surrounding environment and have more cool ingredients. They hope that the new donkey will not make the same problem.

3. Alpenstock - This is something I have repeatedly emphasized. His role will be infinitely amplified when needed, that is, the more dangerous environment, the more obvious his role will be. The trekking poles can help you save energy, maintain balance, prevent sprains, and use too much. I remember that when I climbed a mountain in the lake, I could never get down to the steep mountain. My other two legs are him. Many donkeys don’t pay much attention to trekking poles. It’s not true. You make her become your two legs and practice slowly. At last she will become part of your body. At that time, you will know how you are once you leave her. Miss her. When I used the four legs down the mountain, the young Kazakh man who was riding rode at me, because the speed was too fast. The four legs flew in the same way as the ground. That feeling is really too cool. Then there is the best use of the trekking poles. It is also possible to begin with one. Must believe in science.

LEKI MASTER BLACK DIAMOND is very good! ! ! Pay attention to trekking poles must not choose unreliable brands, not my alarmist. If you have problems with your trekking poles in difficult places, just like your own leg problems, the consequences are fatal. Therefore, it is better for the new donkey to choose only the top three sticks. Remember! Remember! !

4. Tents and sleeping bags - if you spend the night in the wild, it's best not to lose them. His role is to provide a comfortable environment for rest, and allow us to rest, but also shelter us from the wind. Prepare for tomorrow's journey. The principle we choose on these two equipments is:

The tent should be able to prevent heavy rain, so his PU coating technical indicators should be above 1500MM. The choice of tents should be very careful, because the tents are not as large as other equipment, so there is little room for selection, especially the tents of state-owned brands are even rarer. Some leisure-level sightseeing tents are out of the scope of our consideration. To prevent new donkeys from detouring, some tents that can be selected are listed here. The list of tent brands that are not listed suggests that they should not be considered.

The EUROHIKE series (EUROHIKE225 is its classic tent. The reputation among the ALICE is very good. Many of them have this tent, but their weight is the same as his reputation: Shen)

LUXE series (new brand, quality guaranteed, new style, light weight, suitable for hiking)

ACME series (new brand, good quality, follow-up R & D is good, I believe will be a very good choice in the future)

Wolf scratching series (also a classic tent, good quality, moderate weight, once had a large amount of old donkey, and there are still to buy, can withstand the test)

PURELAND series (also a state-owned brand, but it's not bad, support domestic goods)

The above list is more suitable for new donkey tents, high-end tent selection is relatively large, but for the new donkey is not a wise choice to buy a very expensive tent.

MOUTAIN HARDWEAR, THE NORTH FACE, FERRINO, MARMOT PROGAINT ... These relatively high-end tents are suitable for economically very generous asses. When buying, they must pay attention to the formal shops to purchase. After-sales service is very important.

The choice of sleeping bag is relatively easy: For the new donkey, you can buy a sleeping bag for Du to help cotton. The temperature standard of the sleeping bag is more than five degrees. This kind of sleeping bag is suitable for the size and weight. Do not buy two kilograms from the beginning. Heavy cotton sleeping bags, waste your money does not make you back hard; waiting for you to need a lower temperature standard sleeping bag to buy a good down sleeping bag. This is a lesson of "blood". Remember to remember it. Domestic down sleeping bag I believe only CAMP sleeping bag. There is nothing wrong with choosing him. Especially for new donkeys.

5. Functional Clothing - If you also want to be free to move in bad weather or be forced to move forward in a difficult environment, then you need a few sets of functional clothes, which is what we commonly call Jackets , Pai Han underwear and so on.

Functional clothing is used in specific environments, such as rain, wind, etc. So if you do not plan to go to these places often, these equipment do not necessarily need, a raincoat, an ordinary trench coat is enough, It is also a good choice for donkeys that are not too economical. If you want to experience the feeling of marching in the rain, functional clothing is worth considering. For new donkeys, don't pay attention to too much technology and details. What we need to know is:

A. Jacket: waterproof, windproof, breathable, pocket designed for easy access to things (may use GORE-TEX, WINDSTOPER, OMNI-TEC and other materials)

B. Warm layer: warm, lightweight, easy to carry (usually down or fleece, hair-catching, such as POLARTEC material)

C. Underwear: Pai Han, will not cause skin irritation, quick-drying, comfortable to wear (may use COOLMAX and other materials) This is the so-called outdoor three-tier dress principle, in fact, very simple, they want to choose a set.

6. Drugs and tools - listing medicines and tools at the end does not mean they are not important enough, but because they are very special equipment and are usually very small, but they are all necessary, that is to say whether you are long distance or For short-distance, one-day or multi-day outdoor sports, medicines and tools are the equipment that must accompany you.

Drugs should be carried according to their own system, but some common medicines should still be brought along. Examples include drugs for diarrhea, cold medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, band-aids, gauze, and blades. Other medicines need to consult your doctor according to the environment you are going to and your own condition.

Tools include many gadgets:

Sunglasses: UV filter, plateau must take

Multi-function knife: Take a Swiss army knife

Headlights and batteries: lighting use

Compass: Just in case

Sewing box: repair clothing and bags, etc.

Finally, you can look at what is in your bag and use scales to weigh it. See if there is more, if it is a lot lighter, reduce your desire, your bag will be reduced, the city Our lives have been overwhelmed by our breath. Why when we indulge in landscapes, we do not unload your spiritual and physical burdens, let our souls fly, and let him become lighter and lighter... Become a white cloud And other partners on the blue sky drift freely? Is this not what you want?

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