Key Technology Launches Optyx G6 3000 Classification System

Key Technology presented its latest Optyx G6 3000 classification system with Raptor Laser Technology for the first time at interpack2005. Bret Larreau, product promotion manager, specifically edited the site to demonstrate the superior classification capabilities of the device. Mr. Bret added crushed glass, pebbles, steel balls, sawdust and other impurities to a mixture of quick-frozen corn and soybeans, and then put them into the Optyx sorter. After a blink of an eye, these impurities were completely separated. Its speed and efficiency are amazing. Mr. Bret said that this device combines the company's existing advanced color classification technology and the latest laser technology, and its accuracy, speed and efficiency are unparalleled. It can be set by the user independently and conveniently, and can be classified according to size, color, shape, etc. In addition to separating impurities from food, it is also possible to separate defective food (such as partially corrupted corn kernels).

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