The Konow family has added a new member SQ/2 large character inkjet printer

Recently, Conohua and the United States Squid Ink company, in the domestic market, launched a new large-character inkjet printer SQ/2. The product is compact, compact and lightweight, enabling high-quality, low-cost printing on various product surfaces. Users can choose the appropriate printing method according to the actual needs of the enterprise, such as printing on porous materials such as corrugated boxes, paper or wood. The user can choose the water-based printing system; no plastic, film, metal, glass, etc. Hole surface printing, the user can use the keto-based printing system.

SQ/2 uses a unique patented microwell technology that eliminates the need for costly hydraulic valves and ensures smooth ink flow within the system without clogging. Compared to other inkjet printers that use high-cost hydraulic valves, SQ/2 has significantly reduced costs in terms of manufacturing and maintenance.

SQ/2 is designed from outside to inside with reference to industrial requirements. The stainless steel housing ensures continuous and stable operation in harsh environments. Even if the machine fails, it can be repaired in a very short time. The installation and replacement of spray heads, PC cards and air pumps is also extremely simple and can be done by the user himself. This greatly shortens the production delay time caused by the machine failure. It uses Squid Ink's patented ink SQ-60TM fluent ink, which can be retained in the print head for long periods of time without being cleaned, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

The addition of the SQ/2 large-character ink jet printer complements the blank of the Konova Group large-character ink jet printer, further consolidating the leading position of the Konova Group in the domestic inkjet printer market, and enriching the user's demand for jet printing. select.

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