Wolke launches M600 coding system

As a supplier of equipment focused on industrial coding systems, Wolke manufactures industrial inks and maintenance-free coding systems using HP technology. The M600 coding system is a representative product that guarantees excellent print quality at print speeds of up to 300 meters per minute. In addition, the inkjet technology used in this system has its own cleaning system, which can keep the print head clean, not dirty, and does not require maintenance. Miriam Sturm, Marketing Manager of Wolke Company, said that many other brands' coding systems mainly use ink and other consumables to make money. In addition to service and maintenance costs, the cumulative cost of these seemingly inexpensive systems is in the long run. Astonishing. While the price of the Wolke coding system is relatively expensive, it is very economical. Because it has high reliability, no maintenance, no additional services, and no cleaning, the company can provide five years of quality assurance. A box of ink can continue to print about 500,000 times.

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