Development of Soybean Oil Ink and Its Waterless Epoxy Coating

First, the study of soybean oil anhydrous epoxy coating

Center for Bowing Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

A soybean project of Photochemical Sciences (CPS) is studying the use of light curing or drying when soybean oil or epoxy soybean oil is used as a coating.

The goal of this project is to develop the application of soybean oil and it is a commercial application product.

The new catalyst allows soybean oil-based coatings to be used on metal, wood, plastic and other surfaces.

The use of high-power light bulbs such as car searchlights, street light ultraviolet light or sunlight for UV curing, when the UV curing and catalyst combined with the whole incense can quickly turn the liquid into a solid.

Second, the development of soybean oil ink

Soybean oil ink characteristics

Soybean oil ink is an indispensable material for environmental printing. It has the following features:

1) Soybean oil ink, especially pure soybean oil ink is based on 100% soybean oil, and the VOC component is 0, which can effectively prevent air pollution and improve the printing shop environment. At the same time, due to the good deinking effect of printed matter, it is conducive to recycling, and it has environmental protection features.

2) Colorful, excellent machine stability and good post-printing property, great latitude for paper.

However, due to the use of plant-type materials in soybean oil inks, the drying rate is relatively slow and the price is high. To solve this problem, Shanghai DIC has developed 100% soyoil-based sheetfed offset ink - Naturalith 100 with a VOC component of 0. It is completely free of petroleum solvents and replaced with 100% soybean oil and other vegetable oils. In order to solve the problem of relatively slow drying of soybean oil ink, Shanghai DIC has also developed the "CLS drying system" technology. CLS (Cross linking Structure) system can promote the rapid film formation of the ink layer, so that the soybean oil ink has better drying and rubbing resistance than the ordinary ink, and the 3 to 4 color overprint can also show the fixing property of the ordinary ink. And can form a solid, wear-resistant ink layer.

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