Scanning to the net to make the picture more exciting (a)

Friends who like photo processing often need to scan some newspapers and magazines. Since paintings and photographs are represented by successive tones to represent the light and dark levels of the image, printing uses the size of the dots to express the color shades of the image. After the picture is scanned, it forms a texture.

Webprint after printing

In the design operation, the quality of the picture directly affects the final output. How to best remove moire is a key issue. Let's compare the differences between several commonly used methods.

1. Set the scanner directly on the setup panel to remove moire while scanning.

The application software that is attached to most current scanners has the function of de-networking, as shown in the figure:

As long as we set a certain number of network access lines in the network access field on the scan setup panel, we can achieve the purpose of network access during the scanning process. The specific number of network access lines should be the same as the number of screens for printing files. Can eliminate most of the texture. Here we set it as "exquisite magazine (175 lpi)". The following figure is the result of the scan:

We can see that the picture obtained by using this method of descreening has a significant elimination of the texture, but the loss of image quality is relatively large, and some wonderful details are almost completely lost. At present, this method is only applicable to places where newspapers, web pages, etc. do not require high image quality.

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