Mitsui's new metallocene TPE modifier

Mitsui Chemical Corporation of Japan developed Tafmer XM, a new series of polypropylene thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). The main application of this product is as a modifier for polyolefin resins used in automotive and electronic appliances and food packaging. The application prospects in other areas are very broad.

Tafmer XM series TPE is a new material produced by Mitsui's own unique metallocene catalyst. It began industrial production in April 2005. Compared with TPE produced by Ziegler 2Natta catalyst, this series of TPE has better modification effect. For example, the PP heat sealable film layer is prepared by blending with PP, and the heat sealing temperature is lower by 20°C than the film modified by the general Tafmer brand. In addition, Tafmer XM also imparts excellent anti-blocking properties to the film, preventing it from sticking during storage and transportation.

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