Biodegradable environmental protection PS plate coating wrapper

At present, the amount of disposable plastic products continues to grow. According to statistics, the annual output of plastic products in China has exceeded 20 million tons, of which plastic waste that is difficult to recycle is calculated at 20%, and plastic waste is as high as 4 million tons. In order to improve the urban ecological environment and promote sustainable development, the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution Caused by Waste Materials stipulates that the wastes of packaging materials are recyclable, disposable, and can be consumed by the environment.

PS version is an important consumable in the printing industry. The annual output in 2002 has reached 80 million square meters. The PS version mainly uses kraft paper and black plastic film as the inner packaging, plus the form of cardboard packaging, which is not only unfavorable to the environment, but also due to the air permeability of the packaging paper. The nature is not good, when the temperature changes, the plate is prone to dampness.

Biodegradable environmental protection PS plate coating is a kind of biodegradable composite material. It is coated with a layer of 0.04mm black polymer film with kraft paper as the matrix. Its main components include multiple synthetic polymers, biochemical synthetic polymers (promoting agents) and modified natural polymer materials. Its series of products have the same or similar application performance and hygienic properties as ordinary plastic wraps during use, with a black density of 4.7-5.3D; tensile strength: longitudinal ≥ 4.5kN/m; transverse ≥ 2.5kN/m, breathable Degree ≥3.2Pa·s. After being used, the coated wrapper can be quickly degraded into consumable fragments or powders in a natural environment, degraded under the comprehensive action of the natural environment, and further degraded into carbon dioxide and water over time, and the microbes are In an active environment, it can be completely degraded in only 6 months, reaching the national “Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products”. As a PS plate packing material, it can play the dual role of kraft paper and black plastic film, and has been concerned by the national PS plate industry.

As environmental-friendly packaging paper is biodegradable, and its cost is low and cost-effective, it is expected that by 2004, as its production cost is closer to traditional plastic packaging materials, it will be widely used in the photographic film industry and the paper industry.

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