Anti-counterfeit wine bottle cap

Patent name: An anti-counterfeit wine bottle cap patent applicant Zhao Laixing Principal applicant address 312366 Zhejiang Shangyu Lihai Town Beimen Industrial Zone Yongsheng Packing Co., Ltd. Inventor Zhao Laishing Application (patent) No. 200420090253.4 Application Date 2004.09.17 Certification Date Approval Announcement No. 2730774 Auditing Notice Day 2005.10.05 Instruction CD No. D0540 Main Classification No. B65D41/32 Classification No. B65D41/32; B65D49/12 Division Original Application No. Priority Abstract This utility model discloses an anti-counterfeiting bottle cap, including The outer cover, the inner cover, the connection cover, the outer cover, the inner plug, the inner cover and the connection cover are fixed by threads, and the outer cover is fixed on the outer surface of the connection cover to expose the threaded part of the upper part of the connection cover, and the inner plug is fixed in the connection cover A collar is fixed outside the jacket, a pull plate is arranged on the top surface of the outer cover, a connecting rod is arranged between the collar and the pull plate, and two ends of the connecting rod are fixedly connected with the collar and the pull plate respectively. The above anti-counterfeit wine bottle cap can be pulled by a force when opening the bottle cap. The connection point between the connecting rod and the ferrule is provided with a breaking line so that it breaks exactly at the place due to the stress. In order to open the wine bottle cover, the pull plate must be pulled first, and then the cover can be untwisted to avoid the repeated use of the wine bottle and the wine bottle cover, which has a good anti-counterfeit effect. Sovereignty item 1. An anti-counterfeit bottle cap comprising an outer lid (1), an inner lid (2), a connecting lid (3), an outer sleeve (7), an inner plug (6), and the inner lid (2) and The connecting caps (3) are fixed by threads. The outer sleeve (7) is fixed outside the connecting caps (3) to expose the upper thread portion of the connecting caps. The inner stoppers (6) are fixed in the connecting caps (3). The utility model is characterized in that a sleeve (4) is fixed outside the jacket (7), a pull plate (5) is arranged on the top surface of the external cover (1), and a connection is arranged between the ferrule (4) and the pull plate (5). The rod (8) has two ends connected to the ferrule (4) and the pull plate (5) respectively. International Application International Publication Entering Country Date Patent Agency Hangzhou Hangcheng Patent Office Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Qiu Shunfu

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