Nano PET beer bottle barrier superior performance

Henan Zhanggong Group is currently producing high-barrier nano PET beer bottles for the group's wine packaging.

According to reports, this product uses PET as a raw material and uses nano-technology to produce nano-modified inner wall surface structure of a single-layer PET beer bottle, which improves the barrier properties of the bottle body to gas, light and water, and satisfies the beer filling and Saved performance requirements. The high-barrier nano PET beer bottle is non-toxic, harmless, and non-polluting. It meets the requirements for food packaging, and the market price is close to the beer glass bottle, so it is highly competitive.

According to Zhang Gong Group, high-barrier nano PET beer bottles are not only suitable for beer packaging, but also suitable for beverage packaging such as green tea. Now the group mainly produces the former. They will also produce special bottle types to meet the needs of different consumption levels while producing ordinary bottle types according to user needs.

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Filling Football grass

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