Development of plastic flexible packaging printing and ink at home and abroad (2)

Since the water-based gravure ink is removed for printing on paper, plastic film printing cannot replace solvent-based inks. Therefore, the ink industry has been working hard to develop alcohol-soluble inks with less environmental pollution. Alcohol ester composite plastic inks have low odor, no benzene, ketone and other characteristics. Alcohol-soluble inks can help us solve toluene-based inks, and the benzene damage and benzene residue that are caused by health affect the quality of packaged foods. The production of such environmentally friendly inks will certainly increase the competitiveness of gravure printing in the field of plastic flexible packaging printing. In Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, toluene inks have been eliminated and replaced by alcohol-soluble gravure inks. In Europe, the promotion of flexo printing and gravure printing can only use alcohol-soluble ink (benzene dissolving ink is prohibited). The development of water-based printing ink in the United States has led the way. Alcohol-soluble ink in the domestic gravure printing industry has now been gradually applied, it can be predicted that in the near future, China's flexible packaging ink development trend is: benzene dissolved ink will be replaced by alcohol-soluble ink. At present, the domestic gravure printing industry is looking forward to a kind of: using a single solvent (easy to recycle), table printing, printing, compounding, cooking, all kinds of plastic films are applicable, any climate is adaptable (can reduce the company's production costs ), High-speed, medium-speed, low-speed, low-cost, universal meaning intaglio printing inks appear on the market.

The development direction of domestic ink production enterprises

In addition to adapting to environmental protection requirements and promoting the improvement of alcohol ester inks, domestic ink manufacturers should also actively develop water-based inks. Water-based inks compared with solvent-based inks: At present, the use of water-based inks for gravure printing mainly involves two problems. First, it is the printing quality (especially the brightness of the printed products is slightly poor); Second, the printing speed is reduced, usually the gravure printing machine uses the water-based ink printing speed 15 to 25% lower than the use of solvent-based ink. At present, paper printing uses a large number of water-based inks for gravure printing, and there are also great difficulties. China must also work hard in this regard and strive to make breakthroughs in water-based inks in recent years.

Due to the soaring global crude oil prices in 2004, the prices of raw materials needed for the manufacture of inks from solvents, titanium dioxide, pigments, additives, and containers in the second half of 2004 have also been rising all the way to the present and have become a major factor in rising costs. What is more, some of the major raw materials are under-supplyed. From the standpoint of ink manufacturers, it is undoubtedly an increase in the burden on on-time shipments, and the profit margin is reduced. From the perspective of future developments, oil prices may still remain at high prices for a period of time to tap into the company’s internal potential and reduce costs. While maintaining the company’s low profits, it is more necessary for customers to consider and consider for society. To contribute to the stability of the Chinese gravure printing market.

Therefore, in the future, the competition in the ink sales market is fiercer, and each ink manufacturer must prepare to invest more funds and manpower, reform and improve sales policies, and strengthen the after-sales service team.

Domestic Plastic Flexible Packaging Industry Marketing Strategy

In recent years, the domestic production of plastic flexible packaging industry, the required chemical raw materials, not only the price continues to rise and there is a shortage, the price of packaging products can be adjusted up. As a result, plastics flexible packaging processing companies are generally losing money, and many small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling with difficulties (especially newly-built flexible packaging companies). In order to compete for customers, the price of each other, especially some small gravure printing plant is more prominent. Even individual companies scramble for customers in order to keep their prices low, and they are unscientifically using low-cost films to make packages. They are often seen as deteriorating, duplicating, and costly. Therefore, production and application are two aspects that complement each other. The problem is always caused by both the supply and demand sides. Therefore, experience alone is not enough. It is necessary to know the process and application knowledge of plastic flexible packaging. Therefore, popularizing the application of flexible packaging technology, unifying the language of gravure printing, facilitating technical exchanges, regulating industry operations, and giving rational knowledge to plastic flexible packaging workers are urgent needs of many medium and small plastic flexible packaging manufacturers.

Gravure production personnel will have to work hard to learn the principles of machining and be skilled in mechanical operation techniques. To improve the ink circulation system of the printing press, it is necessary to dilute the ink in place, which can reduce the loss of the ink and increase the printing speed before the fine products are printed. Regulating the production environment, closing the printing unit, adding a solvent recovery device to the printing discharge system, and reducing environmental pollution are major goals for the company's development. The reasonable ventilation of the production workshop, the use of hot air circulation of the printing machine and the peritoneal machine drying system and the smooth flow of exhaust air are the paths to reduce the residual solvent. Regulating products, rationally reducing costs, and improving the efficiency of enterprises are the only way out for plastic packaging and processing companies.

Therefore, plastic packaging manufacturing companies need high-quality corporate marketing personnel, not only require marketing personnel proficient in the performance of a variety of plastic flexible packaging. In addition, we must be familiar with the characteristics of various plastic films and be aware of the processing technology used to make the packaging. This will give business decision makers the right advice to guide or instruct users to use the packaging correctly. Only by strengthening pre-sales and after-sales services can we expand our business, reduce internal friction, and avoid mistakes, so as to respond to the weakness of the plastic flexible packaging market and adapt to the changing market. In order to survive in the fierce market competition, price competition alone will not work. It must be managed scientifically, planned for production, guaranteed supply, reasonable shipments, and effective sales. Although it is important to seek sales in the sales market, pre-sales publicity and improve the visibility of companies and products; but more important is the after-sales service, after-sales service is an extension of sales; only to give users a sense of security, trust, in order to consolidate and Occupy the market.

In short, to promote the development of gravure printing and flexible packaging in China, it is necessary to increase the national awareness of packaging and popularize the general knowledge of the application of plastic flexible packaging. As a seminar on the application of flexible packaging applications, to strengthen the technical exchange between packaging companies. It is imperative to compile gravure printing and flexible packaging technical materials, organize teachers, and create gravure printing technology and flexible packaging technology training centers or colleges. These policies urgently need to be introduced and supported by the relevant departments. The media's vigorous propaganda, the packaging companies, and the support of the whole society also require those who are keen on the soft package business to make their contributions!

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