Rotary Battery Color Packing Machine

Patent Name Rotary Battery Color Packing Machine Patent Applicant Hunan Fu Runde Technology & Culture Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 410005 Inventor Long Liming, 501, Yinhe Building, No. 148, Furong Middle Road, Changsha, Hunan Province; Wu Xuedong applied for (patent) 200420068502.X Application date 2004.08.25 Certification date Approval announcement number 2731727 Approval announcement date 2005.10.05 Instruction CD-ROM number D0540 Main classification number H01M2/00 Classification number H01M2/00; B65D85/88 Division Original application number The utility model relates to a rotary battery color sleeve packaging machine, which consists of a power, a transmission system, a vacuum pump, a heat fan, a spindle, a feeding mechanism, a battery chuck, a cutting sleeve device rack, a bottom oscillation transmission device and a plurality of groups of cam mechanisms. The main shaft rotates one circle, and it can complete the multi-battery color jacket packaging work. It has the advantages of stable operation, reliability, accurate positioning, high packaging quality and strong versatility. It is an ideal battery color packaging equipment. Sovereign item 1, a rotary battery color sleeve packaging machine, including power (1), transmission mechanism (2), vacuum pump (3), heat fan (4), feeding mechanism (5), characterized in that there is a transmission with Mechanism (2) is associated with the main shaft (6) coupled with the slewing ring of the frame, has a push-cell cam mechanism (7), a guide-sleeve cam mechanism (8), a push-pull cam mechanism (9), a pushing battery among them The cam (10), the guide bush cam (11) and the push sleeve cam (12) are emptied on the main shaft (6) and fixed in the frame, respectively, pushing the battery slider seat (13) and the guide sleeve slider seat ( 14). Push sleeve holders (15) are respectively fixed on the main shaft (6). There are multiple uniform guide grooves on the outer diameters of these slider holders, pushing the battery slider (16) and guide. The slide blocks (17) and the push sleeve slide blocks (18) are respectively installed in the guide grooves of the respective slide blocks, and the guide sleeve (20) mounted on the guide sleeve slide blocks (17) has a false bottom entrance groove. It engages with the false bottom guiding groove (34) of the oscillating conveying device (29), and the battery chuck (22) is fixedly mounted on the main shaft (6), and there is a sliding block (13) and a sliding sleeve for the pusher battery. Block seats (14) and multiple circular arc grooves corresponding to push sleeve holders (15), circular arcs of arc grooves Correspondingly, the center line of the push rod (19) installed in the slider of the push battery (16), the center line of the guide bush (20) installed in the guide bush slide (17) and the slide of the slide The centerline of the guide core (21) of the block (18) is on the same straight line. The arc groove on the battery chuck (22) is connected with the discharge port of the feeding mechanism (5), and the suction shaft (23) and the suction plate (24) press-fitted into a whole are fixed on the main shaft (6). The color kit device is connected with the suction plate (24). The suction plate (24) has an air channel communicating with the air chamber of the suction chamber seat (28) which is closely attached to and sealed on the side of the suction plate (24), and the suction chamber seat ( The air chamber of 28) is communicated with the vacuum pump (3) via a pipe. The suction opening board (23) has a plurality of slideways fitted with the suction head component (25), and it is vacated with the center on the main shaft (6) and fixed on the The suction head cam (26) on the frame constitutes a suction head cam pusher mechanism, sucks the opening plate (23), and the suction head member (25) has an air passage and tightly seals the suction opening of the suction opening plate (23). The air chamber in (27) communicates with each other. The air chamber and the vacuum pump (3) communicate with each other via a pipe. The suction chamber seat (27) is sucked into the air chamber seat (28) and is emptied into the main shaft (6) and fixed on the frame. .

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