Nature's Variety 30 pound lamb and boiled rice

Nature's Variety 30-lb lamb meat cooked rice special uses an advanced multi-layer All-plastic packaging. Compared with past multilayer paper packaging, the printing process outside the packaging has now increased the appearance appeal of the product to a new level. . The new packaging structure incorporates a layer of metallized PET film to give the package a reflective texture and a three-dimensional look. The printing process uses a flexo-type printing process, printing with a low-odor water-based ink, and printing quality. Compatible with gravure. The graphic and text are printed on the smooth PET film on the outer layer by reverse printing, which is more glossy than originally printed on the paper, and the printing itself is also protected. The improved packaging structure facilitates stacking and pallet transport. It has a one-way suction port, the air is pumped out, the bag body is flat, and the non-skid outer layer can prevent the piled product from falling off. When placed next to similar products, it gives consumers a clear impression over competitors.

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