Overview of various hot stamping techniques in carton packaging printing

In the fierce competition in the market, in order to increase the added value of the products and to effectively carry out anti-counterfeiting of packaging, more and more packaging cartons use the hot stamping process. Hot stamping with ordinary hot stamping, cold stamping, embossing hot stamping and holographic hot stamping methods commonly used ordinary hot stamping process, such as flat pressure hot stamping and round pressure stamping hot stamping, due to the round of flat hot stamping line contact. With hot stamping substrate factory pan, suitable for large-area hot stamping, high precision hot stamping, application is more extensive.

Cold stamping does not require the use of a heated metal plate, but uses a method of printing adhesives to transfer the metal foil. The cold stamping process has low cost, energy saving and high production efficiency, and is a promising new process.

Embossing hot stamping (also known as three-dimensional hot stamping) is the use of modern engraving technology to make up and down with the negative and positive molds, hot stamping and embossing process once completed, improving production efficiency. The mold produced by electro-engraving can be curved to achieve a three-dimensional embossing effect that can hardly be achieved by a mold produced by a general etching method. The emergence of embossing and hot stamping enables the hot stamping and embossing process to be completed at the same time, reducing the number of waste products that are generated due to process inaccuracy and overprinting.

The holographic logo uses computer technology to change the amplitude and frequency of the raster so that the effect is more brilliant and clearer than the color of the calculated pattern. If such a hologram is used as a copy of the original, a large number of holograms will be lost, thereby achieving the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. Holographic identification not only can have a very good anti-counterfeiting performance, but also can be a special number or text in the holographic identity according to customer needs, the application of high-grade carton packaging is more and more widely.

Source: Baolian Printing

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