"Frontier" Scanning Technique 6

6, cleverly scan the color photo

Character color photography is a special kind of photograph. To make the portrait in the photograph clearly and naturally appear, you must adjust the appropriate scanning parameters. First, you need to set the tone and adjust the level curve to ensure that the bright part of the image, to the middle tone part, and then to the dark tone part, can produce a continuous transition tone. In addition, it is necessary to perform local sharpening of the portrait in the photo, rather than sharpening the overall image; through the sharpening operation, the outline of the portrait, the level of the important part of the human body, etc. can be highlighted, and the human skin and other particles are not required. Enhanced display to ensure a soft transition between human skin tones. 7, clever intelligent scanning

Now that scanners continue to grow in performance, clever use of enhanced performance makes images very intuitive and easy to generate. Intelligent scanning technology is a new feature of many scanners. Using this function, you can automatically detect the input and output types of images so that you can preview the final output of the image in real time.

Source: HC Network Printing Industry Channel

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