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Page 2: Lightning print settings

Many people often perform step-by-step tasks when they perform a print job. They first open the application for the corresponding task, open the required task file in the program interface, and execute the "File"/"Print" command in sequence in the application program interface until the document. After printing, close the corresponding application.

If you want to reduce the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes, you can try the lightning flash method. This method can send the contents of the printed document directly to the printer, thus avoiding the operation of many intermediate links, in order to quickly improve the printing speed, below Is the specific set of steps for this method: 1, first open the Windows Explorer on the desktop of the system, and in the window to find the need to print one or more document content;

2. After selecting the content of the document to be printed, click the right mouse button again and select the "Print" command from the pop-up menu.

3, for most document types, its associated application will automatically open, and then the system will send the document to the printer for printing;

4. After the printing is completed, the corresponding application can be closed automatically without manual intervention.

Obviously, this kind of lightning printing omits the steps of opening the application and closing the application, and the printing speed is increased by nearly 30% compared with the ordinary printing method.

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