Green wrapping paper

Among the four pillars of modern packaging—paper, plastic, metal, and glass, paper products have the fastest growth, paper prices are the cheapest, and raw materials come from a wide range of sources, and unlike plastics, they are not easily dissolved and are not as fragile as glass. Not as heavy as metal, easy to carry. In addition, paper products are prone to decay and can either recycle recycled paper or use plant fertilizers, reduce air pollution, and purify the environment. Here, paper packaging is considered to be one of the most promising green packaging materials compared with the three major packagings of plastic, metal, and glass.

Transfer gold paper

Vacuum aluminum spray paper jam, commonly known as gold transfer paper. This kind of gold paper not only has a gloss comparable to that of glass paper, but also has a matte color and a bright color. The people have been transferring gold paper paper to become an international environmental protection packaging material because of its high quality and ease of use. At present, there are two types of gold card papers in the domestic packaging industry, printing and composite. As a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material, vacuum sprayed aluminum transfer paperboard, the introduction and improvement of its production technology has caused domestic packaging material manufacturers and The closeness of packaging and printing companies

Vacuum aluminum spray paper (or aluminum spray paper, aluminized paper, steamed paper) is a new type of green packaging material that has been widely used in the packaging industry since the 1980s. Because of its noble and beautiful metal texture, relatively low material cost, 100% continuous packaging flexibility, stable and reliable printing performance, and biodegradable and environmentally friendly properties, it is more and more popular.

Compared with traditional gold cardboard, vacuum ejected aluminum transfer paperboard has the following advantages:

The raw and auxiliary materials used in aluminum spray paper production are odorless, non-toxic, and meet the requirements of food hygiene (according to the US FDA standard). Can be widely used in tobacco, wine, tea, food, cosmetics, handicrafts and other products beautifully packaged, can also be used for construction and decoration materials, good smoothness, high smoothness, bright color, beautiful appearance, strong visual impact, can be very good Product packaging grade; with excellent barrier properties, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation effect; excellent printing performance and mechanical processing performance, suitable for gravure, letterpress, plastic, flexo, screen printing, embossing, die cutting, and even pressing Bump; good degradation and recovery performance, easy to handle and recycling, in line with environmental protection requirements, is an essential packaging material for export products. At present, aluminum foil composite paper is widely used in the market. It cannot be recycled as a name product or recycled as paper.

Aluminum spray paper with less aluminum, good degradability, can save costs, while not causing environmental pollution, is environmentally friendly green packaging materials, aluminum spray paper due to good gloss and smoothness, good flexibility, high aluminum spray fastness At the same time, it has good printing performance and mechanical processing performance, so it can be widely used for exquisite packaging of food, cosmetics, handicrafts and other products.

Full paper drum

The paper-structured paper drum is a new type of Zou's green packaging container. Compared with the traditional iron hoop paper drum, it eliminates the iron hoop, wood (or iron) bottom cover, and is a completely paper structure paper. barrel. The equipment for the production of full-paper structural barrels has eliminated equipment such as punches, shears, spot welders or seam welders due to the abolition of iron and wooden parts, which greatly reduces energy consumption from the equipment itself. The noise is eliminated, and the iron parts of the traditional iron hoop drums are subject to pickling, electroplating, spot welding, and brush (spray) lacquer processes, which inevitably cause pollution to the environment, workers, and products. Therefore, the production of full-paper structural barrels is greatly reduced. The pollution of the production process to the environment. The production of full-paper structure also has the following three advantages: a single raw material, reduced management, while eliminating the iron hoop, fasteners, wood bottom (cover), simplify the processing process, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, reduce processing costs, Increase profits; process simplification, removal of rolling iron hoop, punching fasteners, spot welding, grinding tanks, sealing and other processes, greatly simplifying the technical difficulties and labor intensity of operators, thereby increasing production efficiency; from the perspective of packaging development , Full paper structure paper drums not only achieve the purpose of green packaging in favor of environmental protection, but also meet the export packaging requirements of Europe and the United States. The paper structure is divided into two kinds of round and square barrels. The area of ​​the square barrel is about 38% smaller than that of the barrel at the same perimeter. It is more advantageous for containers, warehousing, and racking. . All-paper structure paper drums are much better than traditional iron hoop paper drums in terms of raw material consumption, processing technology, product composition, environmental protection and packaging requirements. It is an ideal green packaging container.

Source: PACK.CN

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