Water-based film coating method and performance of film adhesive

For surface coating or glossing, there are now a variety of decorative methods that can be used. These methods include: 1 water-based coating to cover BOPP or PE or PVC plastic film; 2 coating with an organic solvent-based coating Plastic film; 3 Plastic film with pre-coated adhesive; 4 Directly coated with advanced coated paper that has been coated with gloss coating, no longer applied or laminated after printing; 5 After printing, the upper aqueous varnish is coated with light; Coating with organic solvent varnish; 7 UV varnish coating varnish, etc.

First of all, we must correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of this surface decoration method. What is the development trend is not only important for the packaging and printing industry, but also related to the development and production of adhesives, coatings, finishing agents and plastic films. It is also very important for suppliers of film and glazing machinery products.

Water-based film adhesive is a white emulsion adhesive with water as dispersant and macromolecule polymer as disperse phase. The real water-based film adhesive should not contain any organic solvent, and the residual organic monomer should be less than 0.1. %, smells no odor or slightly alcohol or ester odor, good water-based film adhesive can be used in water-based machines, can also be used for oily machine, water-based machine is characterized by simple structure, cheap (2.5-10 million Yuan/Taiwan), driving speed is fast, generally 2 times faster than the oil engine driving speed, because the good water-based glue solid content is about 1 times higher than the oil-based glue, and it is wet lamination. After the lamination, it depends on the absorption of paper fiber and Disperse moisture to make the glue dry and transparent, and bond firmly with plastic film; water-based glue film product gloss, whiteness better than organic solvent-type film glue, adhesive force is also comparable with solvent glue; and water-based glue water The machine coating adopts cold sticking method, which does not require heating and drying, and can save a lot of electric energy. Due to the high water-borne glue solid content, the same kind of water-based glue has a larger area than 500/o for the coating of solvent glue, so the water-based glue Film cost is lower than solvent adhesive Much more; and because water-based adhesives do not contain toxic, flammable, explosive, organic solvents that pollute the environment, but also reduce the risk of fire, water-based adhesives have so many advantages, making it rapid development in recent years, gradually becoming the market The main theme.

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