Concept and definition of 32mm system furniture

32mm system furniture is a kind of furniture constructed by modularization and standardized "interface" according to the unit combination theory. Although it is a new army in the ancient kingdom of furniture, it is currently very popular in the market, and it is favored by consumers and the attention of furniture manufacturers and designers. According to its reasons: it is a plate-type disassembly and assembly furniture, which is convenient for packaging and transportation. The materials it produces meet the sustainable development strategy of the furniture industry, which is conducive to the protection and utilization of environment and forest resources. It is the realization of furniture production of “components and products”. And the basis for designing new ideas.

Overview 1: The basic concept of the 32mm system

1. Background: Europe in the 1950s provided a large number of modern box-shaped buildings for people who lost their homes in World War II in a short period of time. The growth of the building has brought prosperity to the furniture industry, but traditional production methods have been unable to adapt and meet the growth of people's needs. Furniture manufacturers must seek a production method that can be industrialized in large quantities. At that time, the furniture industry had begun to use particleboard, plastic veneer materials, etc., and hardware connectors have also developed. The design and manufacturer then came up with the idea of ​​“modular production” of the most demanding cabinet furniture at that time, that is, using its side panels as the basic skeleton, drilling holes in rows to install doors, drawers, shelves The idea of ​​roofing, etc., the design and manufacture of panel furniture for the 32mm system are all new ideas created in this context.

2.32mm system system concept generation and development

1) Early sales of large-sized furniture such as large wardrobes and closets, such as the supply of parts, and on-site assembly, are the development of the 32mm system.

2) Using the side panel as the basic skeleton, drill a row of holes in the side panel to install the door, drawer, shelf, roof, etc. This is the disassembly and assembly of furniture (basic concept).

3) The earliest adopted unit in the UK is inch. 1 right 1/4 inch is 32mm, so the modularization of the furniture size, systematization is the 32mm system (theoretical basis).

4) The modularization of furniture is extended to the production equipment, the modularization of hardware and raw material production, and the systemization, which has contributed to the development of the 32mm system. In 1960, the Federal Republic of Germany Hafele introduced a number of hardware fittings suitable for mounting on the holes and named the Varianta32 system. In the 1970s, Europe developed a special equipment for the 32mm system, which guaranteed the effective implementation of the 32mm system from the production process.

5) In the mid-1980s, the United States accepted the promotion of European wood furniture manufacturers and combined with the high-tech of the country. In five or six years, the manual operation was replaced by computer-controlled machines, which further improved the production precision.

6) In February 1991, the United States held a high-tech lecture entitled "32mm System" for the Trade Association, the University of Western Michigan, the Italian Woodworking Machinery and Tool Manufacturers Association, and the US "Furniture Design and Manufacturing" magazine. -----The key to the automation of the furniture industry", giving the 32mm system a new meaning and function.

7) Since the reform and opening up in China, almost simultaneously accepted the new concept of 32mm system with the United States, and introduced a number of panel furniture production lines and technologies, and achieved success in the joint venture as early as possible, which greatly promoted the promotion and application of the technology in the country.

3.32mm system naming and definition

The 32mm is named after the hardware accessories "Varianta32" from Hafele, the Federal Republic of Germany. The main installation dimensions of the system are:

1) The hole spacing of the holes in the side plate is 32mm or a multiple thereof.

2) The distance from the front of the side panel to the axis of the first row of holes is 28 or 37 mm to accommodate the installation of the door hinge.

3) The distance between the hole at the top or bottom line of the vertical row hole and the edge of the side plate is determined according to the design pattern size and plate thickness.

4) There are two kinds of holes in the surface of the side plate, namely: system hole and structure hole. The size of the hole can be determined by the size of the connecting piece. There are four types in the 32mm system aperture series, diameters 5, 8, 15, and 25.

The 32mm system can be defined as: It is a manufacturing system that constructs furniture through modularization and standardized interfaces according to the unit combination theory. That is, it is a structural system that combines standard industrial sheet metal, standard drilling mode into furniture and other wood products, and controls the processing precision within 0.1~0.2mm, because the basic modulus is 32mm (adjacent two standard drilling holes) The minimum center distance) is fixed to a 32mm system.

Under the 32mm system concept, we can design and produce a certain kind of standard plate parts that meet the processing precision requirements, and can pass the "interface" method of various joint parts under the 32mm row hole range. Fast, precise and flexible combination of furniture in a variety of shapes and functions.

The 32mm system structure is widely used in furniture such as cabinets and wall cabinets.

4. There are several reasons for the hole spacing being 32mm:

1) There are three types of transmissions for row drilling machines: belt rotation, chain rotation and gear rotation. Among them, the gear rotation precision is high. If the distance between the two drill axes is less than 30mm, the service life of the drill shaft bearing will be greatly affected.

2) Inch size unit 1 Right 1/4 inch is converted into an international unit of about 32mm, which is in line with the European woodworking habits and Chinese customs (equivalent to 1 city inch).

3) For the value of 32=2, the fifth power can be used as a complete integer multiple, which is very usable.

4) 1 city ruler = 333.33mm, 1 foot = 304.8mm, 10 times of 32 is between 300 and 350, and it is also in sync.

5) The modulus of the building is 30mm, and the 32mm is very close to the furniture module.

Two: Features of the 32mm system

The 32mm system furniture combines modern design concepts and methods, and is realized with high technical support. It has the following main features:

1) The concept of the new concept "component is the product", which is guided by the unit combination theory, through the design, production, shipment, on-site assembly of the parts and components to complete the furniture products.

2) Specialization: It uses the method of drilling plate furniture to realize the connection and fixation between the plates. The fittings must have the form of a matching interface with circular mounting holes.

3) High precision: the use of high-precision and computer-controlled special mechanical equipment, free from the dependence on the operator's skills, techniques, experience and physiology as well as psychological quality. High-precision determines high quality and standardization and interchangeability of parts. When there are two or more interfaces on the accessory, the centers of all the interfaces should be on the same line, and the center distance is 32mm.

Three: 32mm system furniture materials

The size of the wood varies with the change of water content. If the size of the furniture material changes dynamically, it is the best machine, and the equipment with high precision will lose its meaning. For 32mm systems, the requirements are higher, and the accuracy must be controlled between 0.1 and 0.2mm, otherwise the stability and assembly of the product quality will be lost.

When selecting furniture materials, the stability of the board itself should be considered. It is the industrial board that has been strictly thickened, such as particleboard, medium density fiberboard, multi-layer plywood and blockboard. Their final thickness should not be less than 16mm, otherwise the strength will be affected. Larger impact.

Four: processing technology of 32mm system furniture

The essence of 32mm system furniture production is the processing of parts of panel furniture, as well as the process of pre-shipment trial assembly. The process flow is generally:

Plate → Thickness processing → Veneer (cold hot press) → Panel (cutting machine) → Re-saw (precision circular sawing machine) → Edge processing [milling surface (milling machine) and edging (edge ​​edging machine or Edge banding machine)]→Drilling (row drill or hand drill)→surface decoration (milling machine)→test assembly→inspection→packaging→factory

If you need to process the wire or embossing during the processing, you need to add a router or CNC milling machine and vacuum laminating equipment. The edge is treated with a special edge wrapping machine that can be edged. For enterprises without edge banding machines and row drilling rigs, the pre-applied rubber edge band can be sealed to the board with an electric iron in the case of low output. As long as the performance of the edge sealing material can be grasped, the 32mm system can be carried out. Production of furniture. The round hole can be processed by hand drill and 32mm drilling die. As long as the accuracy is met, the effect will be good. At the same time, pay attention to the positioning of the edge banding, and the thickness of the edge band and the thickness of the edge material should be included. Otherwise, the error It will increase.

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