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Equipment evaluation --- 1JK99-FQW468 women warm down vest

First, experience information

Experiencer ID: Xiaofan Outdoor Age: 2 years Experience Product: Black Yak
Product Name: 1JK99-FQW468 Warm Down Vest Color: Rose Red Size: 165/88A
Experience environment and activity description:
Activity ○1 “North Ling-Lavage Valley-Yangmu Go” round trip (December 26, 2009)
Temperature: -3°C to -8°C (breeze)
Experience cycle: 10 days

Second, product introduction

Women's Warm Down Vest

The Goose down (90; 10) warm down vest is made of ultra-light, high-density fabric and light, warmth. The use of soft lines and a waisted design emphasizes the characteristics of feminine clothing. The armrest with stretching function improves the warmth of the clothing; the glossy fabric used makes the clothing functional and fashionable, and is suitable for wearing during various activities.

Third, test articles

The three-dimensional tailoring and self-cultivation design is very grateful to Beijing Brivex Outdoor Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. and Greenfield Network for the opportunity to evaluate the equipment!

1, when the equipment received:

2, details (from top to bottom)

(1) Fabrics and fillers

Slim design highlights the characteristics of women's clothing, more slender body

Glossy fabrics and rose pink, which is hot this year, are more fashionable.

Behind the logon design is reflective tape, more outdoor concept.

White duck down, light, warm, comfortable, soft and portable.

(2) collar

The collar pulls up to the top, just to the chin area to protect the neck, the collar to protect the zipper head, protect the lower jaw, will not be scratched by the zipper head;

Pull to the neck and fleece lining on the inside to protect the exposed skin of the neck and increase comfort.

The collar keeps hooks on clothes

(3) armhole

Sleeve cage with retractable function is more close-fitting and improves warmth of clothing

(4) pocket

Two external pockets, stylish, beautiful and practical.

You can put your hand into the outside pocket for warmth at any time, or you can put everything you want to use in your pocket, such as facial tissue, road food, and mobile phones. The outside pocket has a solid zipper protection and you don't have to worry about losing it.

The outer edge of the pocket zipper prevents rainwater intrusion.

(5) Lining

There are two large pockets on both sides of the inner lining. It is a good choice to put your mobile phone, camera, or winter warmth on your camera.

The lining has a shrink band at the lower hem. When the weather changes suddenly, it can tighten the shrink band to enhance warmth.

(6) Zipper

Uses the powerful YKK zipper

Zipper lined with black logo on the bottom, beautiful and practical

(7) Volume compression

The vest is lightweight and easy to compress. If equipped with a compression bag, it can be compressed to a smaller volume for easy carrying.

(8) Fashionable

Urban leisure is also a good choice.

3, outdoor assessment

Activity evaluation summary:

On the 26th, boarding in North Ling, the weather was better. It was not as cold as he had imagined, or he felt the warmth of the clothes. Because in the breeze of the mountain that day, I put the vest on the outside of the jacket, and it was easy to take off if it was in the cold. In the case of embarrassment, it is recommended that you wear the vest inside the jacket, because the down products themselves are not resistant to wind.

The clothing is filled with fine white duck down, warm, light and comfortable to carry, can be compressed to a small size, easy to carry; tailoring, using a shiny fabric and red rose in the past two years, strong sense of fashion, not only can Practically used for outdoor activities, urban leisure and daily life are also good choices; intimate humanized details and the design of outdoor concepts have improved the practicality of the clothes. There are two points in the ointment! One is that the down products may not be free from slight flying. The second is to add velcro to the lined pocket to make it more secure.

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