Provincial furniture quality inspection station: buy furniture as much as possible to "eight do not buy"

On the occasion of the annual 3,15 consumer rights protection day of the Baoding Power, this reporter interviewed Guo Fei, the furniture quality supervision and inspection station of Hebei Province on the topic of how to protect the personal rights of consumers when purchasing furniture. Webmaster. Guo Fei summed up the “eight not to buy” to remind consumers to pay attention to the choice of furniture at their time of purchase.

Do not buy furniture without after-sales service guarantee

The purchase of furniture products is not only pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sales service is very important, from the installation to the return to the necessary maintenance and other phased service guarantees are also necessary.

Since 1999, the functional departments of various provinces and municipalities have successively formulated and implemented the “Regulations on the Repair, Replacement and Return Management of Furniture Products”. All furniture marketing companies are strictly self-disciplined, creating “quality first payment”, “star service”, “zero risk shopping”, etc. Many after-sales brands. Consumers choose these furniture malls to buy furniture is the most secure.

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, when purchasing furniture, you must carefully fill in the name of the main material in the sales contract, the requirements of the three guarantees, etc.; check the product use instructions and quality inspection report.

Remind consumers not to buy large-scale, high-priced furniture products for mobile sales. According to the spot check results of the quality inspection agencies, the furniture sofas sold in this one-stop sale are mostly inferior.

Do not buy furniture without product manual

National compulsory standards stipulate that furniture, sofas, mattresses and other products must have product instruction manuals. In the product instruction manual, the name and grade of raw and auxiliary materials used in the product and external use, the limit of harmful substances, structural characteristics, mechanical and physical properties should be stated. Wait. Such as the name of artificial board of furniture products, the amount of formaldehyde released, the use of parts; the color fastness of fabrics of sofa products, the adhesion of leather coatings, durability, safety and hygiene. The product instruction manual is the quality assurance certificate of the product, so consumers should not buy furniture without product instruction manual. Consumers who have product manuals but do not explain white or do not understand, consumers should also choose carefully.

Do not buy counterfeit imported furniture produced in the Mainland

At present, furniture and sofa manufacturers are more popular in registering Hong Kong trademarks or company names. Most of the products marked with Hong Kong are actually manufactured locally. In Hong Kong, there is no corporate entity, nor is it involved in product design. There is only one service for answering calls.

Therefore, when consumers choose to label Hong Kong's furniture and sofa products, they should not have the mentality of the distant monks to read the scriptures. They should focus on the choice of materials and processes. When choosing foreign and imported furniture, be sure to check the product's production address to understand the true origin of the product.

Do not buy assembly-decomposed "semi-finished" furniture

In order to save money, some consumers buy pieces of furniture by carpooling and carpooling, and then find their own cars for transportation and find people to assemble. In recent years, complaints about the quality of furniture purchased in this way have increased.

At present, the final molding process of panel furniture is carried out by the production enterprise to assemble professional assemblers, which are completed in the consumer's living room according to the requirements of the drawings and according to the needs of consumers. If the consumer entrusts the "semi-finished products" of the furniture to others for transportation and assembly, the quality responsibility cannot be defined after the quality problem occurs; the consumer also automatically gives up the terminal service of the product quality of the production enterprise and the sales enterprise. The furniture that consumers buy is ultimately more expensive, more troublesome, and more troublesome.

Do not buy sofas made from recycled materials

In the quality inspection of the furniture quality inspection station in Hebei Province in recent years, it was found that there were more dirty wood materials, cardboard boxes, floor scraps, old woven bags and waste cotton felts in the interior and hidden places of sofa products. Although some of the bottoms of the sofa are equipped with zippers, the places where the consumers open the zipper and the places they can't see, the materials vary greatly. Some inferior sofa products use new materials in addition to the appearance, and the internal materials are recycled old materials and Garbage, the family association reminds consumers not to look at the appearance when buying a sofa, must look at the internal materials on the back and base of the sofa, has been exempted from being deceived.

Do not buy furniture that has odor and affects health

The wood-based panels, leather, foam, paint and other materials used in furniture sofas contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc. The national mandatory standards stipulate the minimum amount of harmful substances. For example, the formaldehyde emission in the furniture should be less than 1.5mg/L, which meets the standard requirements and will not cause personal injury to the user. If the consumer opens the door leaf, drawer, lid of the furniture, the respiratory tract has a stimulating feeling, and the eyes are crying, indicating that the formaldehyde emission has exceeded 4 times. Free formaldehyde in wood-based panels must be volatilized for at least 3-5 years. Consumers who use odorous furniture and sofas for a long time will affect their health.

Do not forget the confirmation of the quality of solid wood furniture

All solid wood furniture featuring natural and environmental protection has always been favored by consumers. The purchase of all solid wood furniture requires careful confirmation by consumers.

The national standard implemented on May 1, 2009 stipulates that solid wood furniture is divided into three categories: solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, and solid wood veneer furniture according to the proportion and process of solid wood materials. Products marked with solid wood furniture and solid wood furniture can not be covered on the surface of solid wood panels. The wood materials are consistent in the table; the products marked with solid wood veneer furniture allow the surface of solid wood panels to be coated with more expensive solid wood veneers or Veneer, the wood that consumers see is not the same as the solid wood used inside the furniture. The standard also stipulates that furniture made of veneer on the surface of blockboard or particleboard is called wood-based panel furniture; furniture made of solid wood and wood-based panels is called comprehensive wood furniture.

Do not buy brand furniture that can be bargained

Consumers are advised to purchase branded furniture. It is necessary to use a combination of electronic network and physical store to understand the query and then take the shot.

Merchants use consumers to rely on fake brands, to miss the luck of Taobao, and use low prices and discounts to make consumers deceived. There are many brands of furniture in the furniture industry in our province. The elites gather and have the best team and talents in China. Consumers can rest assured to buy. It is understood that brand furniture is a uniform price in the country. Discounts and sales are uniformly deployed and managed by manufacturers, and there are inspectors inspectors. Therefore, consumers should not be greedy for cheap, far-reaching, and rational consumption. It is recommended that consumers choose branded furniture to buy in brand-owned stores and reputable furniture malls, that is, to enjoy high-quality services and to purchase value-for-money furniture.

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