Wine bottle collection has a broad mass base and comes into the community

People will not feel strange when it comes to "bottles." A few days ago, more than 200 wine bottles with distinctive features were displayed in the Nanchang West Community of Nankou Town, and many residents rushed forward to “give a look”.

It is understood that the wine bottles for this exhibition are all from the “civil society” and are the “babies” of the 8 collection lovers in the community.

"Four beauty" shows "style", collective appearance of opera masks, simple and elegant ceramic bottles, different styles of porcelain bottles ... ... to go to the hall, one by one bottle shape, exquisite and unique, like a piece Crafts are worth watching and savoring. At the same time, Maotai, Liquor, and Jiannanchun wines come together, as well as many foreign wine bottles. Visitors were amazed by their extensive collection and deeply tasted and thought about the profoundness of Chinese wine culture.

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