Molded door, cheap but has hidden dangers

A door made of molded door panels is a molded door. The most typical manufacture of molded door panels is the inventor of molded doors, which is made of wood of man-made forest. It is peeled, sliced, screened, ground into dry fibers, mixed with phenolic glue as binder and paraffin, at high temperature. High pressure next molding. The molded door panel has a concave-convex pattern and is actually a high-density fiberboard with a concave-convex pattern. The Meisen anti-molding door adopts the “Mersen resistance” door panel. The door frame material is degreased, dried and finger-joined, and the door core is honeycomb corrugated paper clips. The glue is made of waterproof and environmentally friendly phenolic glue.

Therefore, the molded door also belongs to the plywood door, except that the panel of the door is a high-density fiber molded door panel.

The price of the molded door is relatively cheap, and it is not suitable for cracking than the solid wood door. It has the characteristics of small expansion coefficient and anti-deformation. It was once popular with consumers. However, since the molded wooden door is mechanically pressed from two high-density fiberboard pressboards with shape and simulated wood grain, the formaldehyde contained in the fiberboard is relatively high, especially the molded door with irregular materials, and is environmentally friendly. Sexually discounted. Moreover, the door panel of the molded door is hollow, and the natural sound insulation effect is relatively poor compared with the solid wood door.

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