Office workers use makeup to set off temperament

Practical makeup skills before going to work, suitable for every type of MM, spend a lot of your time, give it a try, let you spend a whole day with ease! Let's take a look at the makeup steps of the working class.

Office workers use makeup to set off temperament


Makeup : After getting up and washing your face - lotion - milk night - sunscreen - cream - liquid foundation - makeup foundation (loose powder).


Eyebrows, if you have already fixed it, this step can be omitted.


Then apply a little orange or pink blush to your skin tone.


Apply a touch of lipstick to go out to work.


After returning to the company, use the powder cotton to absorb the oil on the face.


Spray it every two hours moisturizing spray, over 20 seconds to take away excess water, on the line.

Noon does not need makeup, makeup make up after the lunch break on the line, and then sprayed with a spray moisturizing spray, so you can spend the day.

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