4 eyeliner friends comment

The eyeliner is a must-have for make-up. The product is soft, natural and easy to modify. It is the most suitable tool for primary beauty. But do you know the skill of choosing an eyeliner? Come and see the evaluation of these four eyeliner , you will see it at a glance.

4 eyeliner friends comment

Benefit double head automatic eyeliner

Reference price: 210 yuan

Core Competence: Best for exquisite commuter eye makeup

Anti-staining degree: ★★★★

Holding makeup: ★★★

Color rendering: ★★★★

Refill softness: ★★★★

Comprehensive strength: The rotary design saves the trouble of pen-shaving, and the pen is very thin, which is very suitable for daily commuting. The funnel-type sponge brush that comes with the tail is more suitable for local blooming. Not easy to smudge but not enough makeup, easy to fade, can not fully develop color after one application.

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