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In the new year, you should have a new look and send you the latest makeup information. You can follow the picture and let yourself be "excellent" on the opening day of the vernalization. Today, we will first send you some exclusive brands on the first day of the opening.


(Renhe exclusive brand)

In the field of skin care, Armani is pursuing the ultimate pursuit of high-end fashion fabrics, and his endless love of nature is bet on the development of the “Black Key” top skin care series, making “Black Key” cream another transcendence of time and space. Miracle achievement. Unlike ordinary foundation products, it will become thick, dull and even muddy after being superimposed. All of Armani's base makeup products can be layered beforehand to create a highly natural, non-makeup makeup with high coverage, rich color and beautiful texture. A flawless, crystal-clear second skin. Perfume, as a very attractive part of Armani's huge fashion kingdom, has the same qualities as fashion, elegant first, low-key luxury, and has won wide acclaim worldwide. The perfume Oscar FIFI Awards have repeatedly favored the modern, minimalist and classic Armani perfume collection.


(Renhe exclusive brand)

There is such a beautiful legend on the island of Tahiti, the black pearl is a gift from God. The HR Helena Renaissance series uses royal black pearls that are wrapped in more than four hundred layers. Each of the top black pearls must be harvested for decades, with a diameter of 9-11 mm. Because the raw materials are so rare, the world's limited mining, the annual supply of HR Helena's series of products is also very limited, can only be sold in a predetermined form, to meet the most exclusive minority guests exclusive. HR Helena Respects Hengyan Cream: Deepens every skin cell and triggers a new vitality from the core of the skin. It can quickly alleviate the deterioration of skin condition caused by any situation, and at the same time effectively reduce wrinkles and delay the ultimate aging of the skin. HR Helena Respects the Eyes and Lips: Strengthens the core structure of the cells and repairs the skin's aging. Instantly regulate facial light distribution and enhance the overall visual effect of the face.


(Renhe exclusive brand)

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Since LaPrairie launched its first skincare product in 1978, the patented living cell extract has become the soul of LaPrairie's entire product line. LaPrairie Caviar Essence Series: Since the launch of the first caviar extract in 1987, it has become LaPrairie's most intriguing product, creating a miracle in the history of skin care. There are currently 7 caviar essence products listed in China, including: Caviar Essence Qionggui Cream, Firming Lotion, Revitalizing Serum, Qionggui Eye Cream, Eye Firming Gel, Pearl Gel Gel and Foundation Emulsion SPF15 Even concealer.


(Isetan exclusive brand)

POLA Cosmetics was founded in 1929 in Shizuoka, Shibuya, Japan. From research and development, manufacturing to marketing, the company has been dedicated to the development and production of cosmetics that best meet the needs of contemporary women. Marketing over the years, in addition to China and Taiwan, the United States, France, Austria, Thailand, Singapore, India, Malaysia, South Korea and other places can find POLA. POLA's products have always been in the leading position of cosmetics in the world. The institute's technology is leading the way. More than 200 kinds of formulas have been developed and patented by the world. It has won many awards from the International Cosmetics Technology Alliance IFSCC Award.


(Isetan exclusive brand)

Kanebo is a beauty salon, soap and other products that the Japanese cotton merchants in Japan tried to produce in 1930. Later, it became the predecessor of the Kanebo beauty salon. Kanebo is an important player in the research and development of whitening skin care products. Muscles, suitable products, in this fine distinction, and then develop a variety of performance care products. Kanebo not only presents a variety of high-quality cosmetics for Chinese women, but also continuously delivers world-leading fashion information and unique beauty concepts to Chinese women in the first place.

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